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KØLEEN, the Austrian singer and forester, is a fascinating artist who uniquely combines nature and music. With over 1,100,000 Spotify streams, numerous radio airplays, and impressive live performances, she has already achieved significant success in the music scene.

Her delicate voice and distinctive nature-pop sound allow her to sensitively address themes like love, sorrow, and hope in her lyrics.

A highlight in her career is that one of her songs, the title track of the movie "Keinen Schritt zurück!" (No Step Back), was featured, showcasing her artistic versatility.

KØLEEN performs both as a duo and with her talented 5-member band, enchanting her audience with her unique sounds. Her artist name combines her first name "Nicole" with the term "kollin" from forestry, symbolizing her deep connection to nature.

She is undeniably a remarkable artist who impresses and inspires not only musically but also through her unique personality.

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